“When you can come together and compare notes on how you’re managing to go through these complications of contemporary female life, then everyone goes back into their own journey better prepared, more informed, and ready to help others.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

“Without a doubt, this is the BEST professional and personal development conference that I have attended. The speakers–each and every one–were absolutely outstanding.”
ED, Chair of the Criminal Justice Dept, Bay Path University

“It was the perfect blend of modern science, spirituality and female powerhouses. Sincerely amazing.”
JR, Jennifer Bandes Integrative Consulting

“So genuine, authentic, inspirational and free. No bullshit. Just REAL.”
AD, Founder/CEO Corporate Spring

“We have to surround ourselves with like-spirited people who are willing to cheer for us when we walk into the arena, who are willing to pick us up when we get our butts kicked, and who are willing to remind us that we’re enough.”

Brené Brown

“I wouldn’t miss this event for anything. The opportunity to be in a supportive circle of women cheering each other on is a tremendous gift. I love everything Emerging Women stands for. I will continue to sing EW’s praises at the top of my lungs!”
SJ, Broadway performer & speaker

“I am SO GLAD I went! I got my money’s worth just a day and a half into the conference. Amazing speakers, amazing energy. I’m planning to go again next year!”
KN, Mechanical Engineer F-35 Program, Lockheed Martin

“It was powerful, moving, and applicable to not just business, but to living a better, more fulfilled life.”
NR, Financial Services

“This is Paradise. Right here.”

Eve Ensler

“EWLive14 was cram-packed with planet shaping women. It rocked with love, challenge, and sisterhood. Buy your ticket now. Do not delay for a second. You will not regret it.”
DM-D, Power Consultant, mother of 6

“Invest in yourself. This is a place to come as you are, and leave ignited, getting closer to who you want to be.”
SP, author of Find Your Voice

“Do it. You won’t regret it. The caliber of women you will meet, the conversations you will have, the inspiration that will be sparked will blow you away!”
JT, Bad Ass Beauty School

“As often as we can possible embody these aspects and integrate the brain through storytelling, through connection, through relating, through committing. That will create a sea change...”

Alanis Morissette

“The line up was just out of this world. I have never before been to a conference with such a consistently high caliber of speakers. Also, because it was (almost) entirely women, there was a very gentle, safe, special atmosphere. (I’m not dissing all men – but there is a different energy at men-heavy conferences!)”
MS, Yes Yes Marsha

“It was undeniably the best conference I have ever attended.”
MF, Registered Nurse

Emerging Women Live is going to take off. This is going to get BIG.”
KS, Head of Cross-Functional Leadership Development at Google


“Emerging Women is a deep seed that has been planted in the soul of all the women who have been touched and will be touched.”

Sobonfu Somé

“The rare opportunity to be surrounded by inspiring, creative, inventive, positive, world-changing, shape-shifting women…if only life was like that every day!”
ZC, Producer, Photographer

“I attended Emerging Women Live to reignite my passion, connect with a like-minded tribe of women, and develop my business. I walked away with a life-changing experience. Since EW Live, I have experienced enhanced drive and passion for my work, deepened connections in my relationships, and feeling happier in my life in general. I’m on fire.”
AP, Director Research & Development – Electric Woman

“I have been to many events and conferences and this was an experience unlike anything I had expected. The curation was brilliant, I loved how we kept deepening into the world of women in a way that educated, informed, awakened and amazed us.”
DB, Director of Program Development – Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

“So many people feel like they have to do it on their own, and an event like this can remind you that there are countless other women who are involved in this project and this journey... The connection is already there.”

Kelly McGonigal