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Esther Perel

A native of Belgian, fluent in nine languages, and a penetrating observer of the social and cultural patterns shaping our relationships, she’s a practicing psychotherapist and organizational consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Her 2013 TED talk, The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship, began with what she called the million dollar question: “Can we want what we already have?” Her talk attracted more than a million views in the first month after its release. Her second TED Talk in 2015, Rethinking Infidelity: A talk for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved, was equally well-received and has nearly 3 million views since its release in May of this year.

Esther will bring her rare gift for speaking the unspoken—articulating the hidden psychological states most people can’t yet put into words—to her talk about the complicated and contradictory needs that are shaping relationships and commitment today.

For a taste of Esther’s thoughts, take a listen her recent Emerging Women Podcast with Chantal on The Fluidity of Desire.