Kathrin O’Sullivan

Kathrin is currently launching her own consulting practice after serving nearly 20 years as a business leader in the tech industry. Most recently, she was Head of Google’s Executive Development organization, where she successfully worked with some of the world’s most innovative leaders to help them tackle their biggest challenges.

Having lived in 5 different countries and worked in more than 20, Kathrin is a global citizen who is truly culture and business savvy and an explorer of what connects us all. She is a certified integral coach and hypnotherapist, and is supporting her clients with finding their unique ways of having true impact and living more meaningful lives. Kathrin’s motto and definition of success is  “get real in order to get real work done”.

Kathrin is a sought-after speaker and has contributed to various publications, podcasts, and conferences, like Emerging Women, Wisdom 2.0., and the Harvard Business Review.