Kerena Saltzman

Kerena Saltzman, LCSW is a presenter, trainer, licensed Gestalt Therapist, and leadership coach. Kerena works with leaders to align with their deeper values, define success on their own terms, and fully step into leading in their personal and professional lives.

At the foundation of her work is the belief that our relationships reveal where we are being asked to grow, develop, and evolve as leaders. When we develop relational skills our personal and business relationships are more dynamic, conflict becomes easier, and energy is freed up to go out and impact the world!

Kerena has trained coaches, therapists, physicians, and corporate Directors of Learning and Development on applying these tools in their organizations. She has clients who work for Google, LinkedIn, Women’s Business Leadership Forum, and NASA Space Center.

Kerena is on faculty at Esalen institute, Multiversity, and Omega Institute. She has presented at Wisdom 2.0 Business Conferences, Wisdom Women’s Conference, and Emerging Women.

Kerena lives in Santa Cruz, California with her family, extended community, and lively six year old daughter.