Kristin Hull

Kristin is the Founder of Nia Community Investment Fund. She began her career as a bilingual educator and later co-founded the North Oakland Community Charter School. Interested in innovative solutions for social change, Kristin entered the field of impact investing while serving as a board member for various non-profit organizations, including the Mosaic Project and the Nicholson Foundation.

After the sale of her family’s business, she helped align 100% of the family foundation assets to mission-related investments. In 2012 she partnered with Domini Social Investments to create Nia Global Solutions, an innovative stock portfolio bringing impact investing offerings to Public Markets.

In 2016, Nia Global Solutions formed a new partnership with Green Alpha Advisors to provide leadership in sustainable and impact investing for individuals, advisors and institutions.

The Nia Community Fund was established in 2010 to empower social enterprises engaged in actively addressing social justice, climate change, gender lens, and community economic development through entrepreneurship. Since inception, the fund has supported successful change-makers working in a wide spectrum of industries including education, transportation, solar, banking, finance, sustainable agriculture, job placement, media, & technology. Additionally, the fund has supported grant-making to enable local mission-driven organizations to scale their reach with social justice, environmental sustainability, and gender equity programs.